Find About the Latest News on Uk Builders Report Rising Thefts and Trespasses, Guildhawk’s Innovative Construction Safety AI, Future Homes Standard Highlights and Employer Partners Honoured at ‘Accxtraveganza’ by Forest-leading Construction School

In today’s news, we will look into the Thieves and trespassers are becoming more common on UK construction sites, according to industry experts. At the same time, Guildhawk’s new construction safety AI is showcased in the Made in the UK film. Moreover, Future Homes Standard: essential details summarised. In addition, ‘AccXtraveganza’ was an opportunity for the Forest’s top construction school to recognise its employer partners.

UK Builders Report Rising Thefts and Trespasses

Original Source: UK construction professionals report worsening thefts and trespass incidents on jobsites

Crime on energy, infrastructure, and commercial building projects has increased for 60% of UK construction professionals in the past year.

The BauWatch poll of 500 construction workers found that.

Survey results show that 6/10 believe crime is becoming more sophisticated.

Two-thirds (65%) of those surveyed reported greater theft and trespassing on sites in winter when the clocks go back and sites get darker early.

BauWatch will release a more complete building crime report early next year.

Recent Allianz Cornhill estimates show that construction crime costs the UK construction business £800 million (€932 million) annually.

Oscar Acoustics, which makes architectural acoustic treatments, reports multiple vehicle break-ins due to the deteriorating economy.

He said thieves target white work vehicles because they think they contain valuable tools. We no longer leave equipment in vans (even briefly). Even if the robbers depart empty-handed, we still have to repair and repaint the vehicles, which will slow down the project and reduce our team. The expenditures go beyond repairs, and we now have a van only for break-ins.”

We’re also establishing our Kent headquarters. Our contractor has reported opportunistic occurrences and more sophisticated drone site reconnaissance. They had to boost onsite security. Even temporary road signs were stolen.”

BauWatch managing director Alexis Potter said, “Construction sites are ripe for theft, with valuable machinery, materials, tools, and appliances at every turn. However, our study reveals offenders are growing more brazen and the issue is increasing.

“Preventing criminals from entering is the best way to reduce theft. As the nights get darker, firms must prevent theft.”

Guildhawk’s Innovative Construction Safety AI is Shown in the UK Film

Original Source: Made in the UK film showcases Guildhawk’s new safety AI for construction

The female-led British SME Guildhawk has developed a game-changing AI-powered tool based on their clean, high-quality data that will change multilingual safety in mining, heavy engineering, and construction. The latest Made in the UK, pioneered in Hong Kong film by the UK Department of Business and Trade (DBT) explains the narrative.

UK-Hong Kong innovation and commerce growth

The DBT’s new film shows how Guildhawk and other UK companies are boosting tech innovation and trade with Hong Kong. Guildhawk is using multilingual data to pioneer new AI technology to improve engineering and construction safety, says Jurga Zilinskiene.

Jurga and other British entrepreneurs believe partnerships may enhance trade and innovation in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Asia gateway

Hong Kong and Asia demand UK goods and services. Hong Kong is an ideal entry point for UK SMEs looking to export to Asia due to its strong commercial relationship, business support, and cultural similarities.

Jurga was inspired by Hong Kong’s embracing of new technologies. Despite a tough global economy, the city is recovering. The government expects 4%-5% GDP growth in 2023. A beacon of opportunity for UK enterprises seeking to avoid the UK/European economic crisis.

The Hong Kong government extensively invests in IT, trade, maritime, aviation, and IP trading. It is investing over HKD $100 billion (GBP 10.2 million) on I&T and launching new programmes to recruit foreign companies and expertise.

Hong Kong is adopting AI, GenAI, Web3, and blockchain, giving UK enterprises in these fields additional chances.

New AI improves site safety

Hong Kong aims to be an innovative, skilled innovation and technology powerhouse for Asia and the world. Jurga says, “Construction and engineering firms are looking for new technologies that give them the edge and help protect the environment”.

New AI can boost productivity, but the real benefit is daily insights like risk detection.

Guildhawk works with a renowned Hong Kong company to employ AI to examine multilingual data to improve worker safety. Jurga calls this “a game changer for safety and engagement with a multilingual workforce”.

This was a popular issue when Guildhawk hosted a Hong Kong Construction Industry Council delegation in July 2023.

Accurate Large Language Model training requires masses of reliable data. Guildhawk excels at organising multilingual data to teach AI, which has raised global customer demand.

UK-Hong Kong exports rising

Jurga says “Hong Kong is the place to do it” for SE Asian trade. British companies like Guildhawk trade easily in Hong Kong for various reasons:

The legal system and contractual duties are international and familiar.

Hong Kong’s business environment, assistance, and talent attraction benefit UK enterprises like Guildhawk.

Technology companies will welcome the city’s entrepreneurial culture and ambition to advance technology.

Besides Hong Kong’s proximity to China, it is digitally connected with the Greater Bay Area. The June 2023 data transfer accord guarantees safe and efficient data transmission between Hong Kong and China for UK companies.

Hong Kong’s established, common law legal system protects UK firms. Asia’s best IP protection is consistent with the WTO’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

The setting makes Hong Kong a great market for UK enterprises to innovate.

Future Homes Standard Highlights

Original Source: The Future Homes Standard: key points condensed

Construction experts can get a quick understanding of the Future Homes Standards in our Discrete Heat article.

After the Future Homes and Buildings Standards 2023 update, the UK construction industry is entering a new age.

According to the government’s consultation, these guidelines will revolutionise building practises to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Insulation Standards Maintenance

Insulation is key to the new regulations. Future Homes Standard insulation levels are mostly similar with past building standards, balancing innovation and practicality.

This decision supports energy efficiency without radically changing construction practices. The following excerpt describes U-Values, heating, and hot water strategies:

Transition to Low-Carbon Heating

The shift away from fossil fuels for heating is perhaps the biggest.

The regulations prohibit gas, hydrogen and hybrid boilers in new residences and recommend air-to-water heat pumps for heating and hot water.

This adjustment is part of the UK’s carbon reduction efforts and worldwide environmental goals.

Assessing Heating System Efficiency

Different heating systems’ efficiency is also regulated. Infrared electric panels, which have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 1.0, are less efficient than heat pump systems, which have a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of 3.5.

This analysis suggests future building designs will favour heat pump systems.

Emitter Selection Issues

Low-temperature systems like heat pumps require proper emitter selection. Traditional radiators would need to be much larger, affecting space and aesthetics.

Underfloor heating is performance-efficient, but developers avoid it because to the extra floor buildup, longer construction delays, and environmental impact of the concrete.

ThermaSkirt: Low-Temperature Solution

ThermaSkirt Skirting Board Heating is a UK innovation that addresses these issues.

This medium-range system combines radiator and underfloor heating benefits.

At low temperatures like heat pump systems, ThermaSkirt distributes heat evenly across the space. Notably, it maintains space and aesthetics, important in modern home design.

Even at -10°C, Barratt Developments’ ThermaSkirt and Vaillant Arotherm heat pump trials proved effective.

Future of sustainable construction?

The Future Homes and Buildings Standards 2023 advance UK sustainable construction.

These guidelines require construction consultants, architects, and developers to rethink existing building methods and use more energy-efficient technologies.

While heating system specs and emitter selection are difficult, innovation and environmental care are also possible.

As the sector adjusts, solutions that meet regulatory criteria and handle building design practicalities will become more important.

Innovative devices like ThermaSkirt will help this shift by delivering efficient, effective, and attractive heating solutions.

In conclusion, the Future Homes and Buildings Standards 2023 consultation is crucial for the UK construction industry, providing a roadmap for sustainability and environmental responsibility.

All construction parties must understand these standards and find creative ways to address these difficulties as we move forward.

Visit the UK government’s website and the Construction Leadership Council’s summary at The Future Homes and Buildings Standards 2023 consultation for more information and to participate in the consultation.

Employer Partners Honoured at ‘AccXtraveganza’ by Forest-leading Construction School

Original Source: Industry-leading construction school in the Forest awards employer partners at ‘AccXtraveganza’

Trailblazer construction school AccXel learning facility honoured employer partners for “constructing futures” for students this month. 

At its 2023 ‘AccXtravaganza’, Accxel, the UK’s first construction skills accelerator centre, presented the Constructing Futures Awards to partners on December 1. 

Persimmon Homes Severn Valley (shown) won a bronze for financing three Cinderford college apprenticeships.

The Severn Valley business of Persimmon employs hundreds and builds many homes from Gloucestershire to Somerset. 

Fiddington Fields in Tewkesbury is closest to AccXel.

Persimmon Construction Director Robert Simpson said: “We are proud of our partnership with Accxel and Persimmon’s apprenticeship tradition, so winning this award was an honour.

“Accxel is a natural partner for us because Persimmon builds high-quality homes for local residents and employs many skilled workers in the region.

“We look forward to continuing our work with Accxel and congratulate them on a successful year, which was well celebrated at this event.”

Accxel Operations Director and Vice Principle Natalie King said: “We are thrilled to recognise Persimmon Homes as one of our award-winning Employer Partners for 2023.

It’s been a pleasure working with the team, and we’re glad Persimmon Homes values investing in its staff and the next generation.

“We look forward to working with them into the future, as we construct futures together.”

The ‘AccXtravaganza’ event comprised workshops and competitions where Accxel workers and students demonstrated their talents and facilities, including construction truck simulators.

AxxCel, co-funded by the Government, GFirst LEP, and Cinderford-based KW Bell Group, began in 2022 and has since gained plaudits, particularly from Her Royal Highness Princess Anne earlier this year.

The team created the UK’s first co-funded, industry-led construction school to address a skills shortfall “plaguing” the industry.

The team recruits new talent, helps current employees advance, and connects school and industry to “accelerate new skills” to grow the sector.

Summary of today’s construction news

Overall, we discussed for over the last 12 months, 60% of UK construction industry experts have seen an uptick in crimes committed against energy, infrastructure, and commercial building projects. Of 500 construction workers surveyed for BauWatch, that is what they discovered. The results suggest that 6 out of 10 people think that criminals are getting smarter. Meanwhile, a British small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) run by women called Guildhawk has created an AI-powered solution that will revolutionise bilingual safety in the mining, heavy engineering, and construction industries using their own free and high-quality data. The story is explained in the most recent Made in the UK, which was begun in Hong Kong by the UK Department of Business and Trade (DBT). Additionally, our Discrete Heat article provides construction industry professionals with a concise overview of the Future Homes Standards. Following the revision of the Future Homes and Buildings Standards in 2023, a new era has begun in the UK building industry. The government’s consultation points to these standards as a game-changer for greener construction methods that use less energy and produce less carbon. As of this month, AccXel, a trailblazing construction school, recognised its employer partners for “constructing futures” for students. December 1st, during their 2023 “AccXtravaganza,” Accxel—the first construction skills accelerator centre in the UK—presented the Constructing Futures Awards to its partners. 

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